From Monday 29 November, face coverings should be worn in communal areas in all settings by students, staff and visitors, unless they are exempt.

Welcome to Crosshill Special School. We are anoutward looking and successful school for children with special educational needs. We are an inclusiveschool, co-located with Blackburn Central High School, a mainstream secondary school.

We are committed to providing outstanding opportunities for all our students toenable them to become the best that they can be. We do this by providing excellentteaching and support and an inspiring curriculum enriched by latest technology. Thisenables our students to overcome a diverse array of learning difficulties and additionalchallenges, to grow in confidence and to become successful, caring young peopleprepared to move into adulthood.

Crosshill is a Foundation Trust Special School which caters to students aged 11 to 19 years(secondary phase with post 16 -19) who are in receipt of an Educational Health CarePlan (EHCP) or Statement of Special Educational Needs regarding their identifiedLearning Difficulties.

We cater for a wide range of different needs but the majority ofstudents main identified need is associated with language and cognition difficulties(SLD/MLD/GLD).

Our students often also display a second need which is usually associated withspeech language or communication needs (SLCN), Autistic Spectrum (ASD), HearingImpairment (HI), Visual Impairment (VI) Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) aswell as a variety of physical or medical disabilities or conditions.

Our Ethos and Values

Caring. Crosshill School values the positive relationships it has built between staff, students, parents and carers. The friendly environment enables students to feel valued and trusted as individuals and mutual respect is shown for each other.

Raising Achievement. Our educational aim is to raise the achievement of our pupils by using various styles of teaching and different situations; all students are encouraged to reach their targets.

Outstanding Opportunities. Crosshill School offers the most amazingopportunities to learn outside the classroom, exploring a variety of excitinglearning experiences.

Secure and Supportive Environment. Crosshill School provides a secureenvironment where all students feel safe and protected. Where required, studentsare provided with 1-1 support to enable them to make progress in their work.Shared Experiences. Students learn by watching others and sharing theirknowledge. Group work is encouraged where all students are able to use their owninterests, skills and ability to work together. 

Happiness. Our students are happy and enjoy positive learning experiences thatenable them to feel successful and fulfilled. 

Individuality and Independence. All students have an individual education planthat provides relevant learning objectives to ensure progress is made and allactivities meet their needs. Crosshill strives to provide opportunities at all ages

Leaving and Moving On in their Lifeskills. Lifeskills is embedded in the curriculum and therefore enables students to make positive decision about their future. Crosshill provides excellent transition support for students leaving Crosshill and moving onto further education at local Colleges with the help of the Careers Service. Their success is our success.

Leading in Innovative Technology. Crosshill School uses the most up to date technology for learning and students have iPads to support curriculum learning. Other resources include lap tops, 3D TVs and interactive touch screen technology.