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Useful Information for Parents

We've provided answers to some frequently asked questions about our school's status during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Why is my child not in school?

The Government has asked us to provide a safe and secure place during the day for children of key workers and vulnerable children. We have been working closely with all parents to ensure their child can stay safely at home to social distance to limit the chance of the virus spreading.

However, we are able to support specific pupils and prioritise support for key workers and our most vulnerable pupils. This has been done on a case by case basis. We ask that requests are only made where all other options have been considered. It is important to note that we are trying to keep this provision as low as possible to prevent further spread of infection.

Will my child’s EHCP Annual Review Meeting still take place?

All reviews arranged whilst Crosshill is closed have been cancelled and will be rearranged at a later date.

Exceptionally a telephone review could be held in circumstances when all parties agree or when the review only involves the class teacher, parent and child. In these circumstances, Crosshill will contact you to arrange a date.

Will Year 11 pupils get their qualifications?

We are working closely with the examining bodies to ensure the pupils gain their qualifications. This will only be for the subjects pupils were on track on completing their assessments.

Will Year 11 have a prom and a Leavers’ Assembly?

We will make arrangements to ensure we will still celebrate pupil’s achievements when we get back to normal. We will contact you.

How do I claim my Free School Meals Vouchers?

You should have an email/text for you to be able to claim your vouchers. If you have not received an email check your junk mail or contact us on If you do not have access to an email account then we can make alternative arrangements.

I am not getting any work from the class teacher?

This could be because we may not have your correct email. Please contact the school on and we can update our records.

Do pupils have to do the work that has been emailed to me?

Our staff want to ensure the pupils are engaging in learning activities. As a parent it is up to you how much and how little of this you would like to do. Remember making a snack, drawing and gardening are all forms of learning.

What if I or my child is struggling with being at home?

Text or leave a voice message on the school mobile (07776662173) or email and a member of SLT will contact you to discuss your concerns. If you have a social worker or family support worker you could also contact them to see if they can offer some support.

I have read that the Government is providing computers and internet access for vulnerable families. How can I get one of these?

The Government has published the eligibility criteria for this or how the computers will be sourced and distributed. If your child is a care leaver or has a social worker then the local authority will be responsible and you will need to contact your social worker for more information.

If your child is in Year 10 and working towards GCSE's or is struggling with internet access or don’t have a computer for your child to work on please email or leave a message on the school mobile (07776662173) and we will be in touch.

We can provide paper copies of work if required so please let us know if you would prefer this.

When will school open again?

We will have to wait for the Government to inform us it is safe for us to do so. As soon as we have details we will contact you.