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Regular school attendance is crucial to a student’s success in school, so we do all we can to maximise their attendance.

We provide yearly targets for each student, based on their previous year's attendance, and the Government expectation. Our Pastoral Manager tracks attendance, and informs students and their parents of their current attendance every term.

If a student's attendance falls below 93% they will be closely monitored for the following term, and offered support to help improve their attendance. As a special school we are aware that some of our learners will have lower attendance due to medical needs or ill health, so the type of support offered varies based on the individual student's needs.

We praise students whose attendance is consistently good or excellent during assemblies.

Attendance Tracker

98% and above
Excellent Green
Keep up the great work.
95 to 97.9%
Doing well, but ensure you consider absences carefully.
93 to 95.9%
Slightly lower than we would like, please avoid unnecessary absences.
90 to 92%
We are worried about your child's attendance, please ensure your child attends every day.
89.9% and below
We are very concerned about your child's attendance and may get external support from the council or social services, or decide to issue a penalty notice.

Parent Quotes:

"My child has much more confidence since attending Crosshill. He is a happier boy. He has real friends now. Parents are really included."
"My child has settled very quickly into Crosshill. She is always very happy and keen to go to school. Crosshill is extremely welcoming whenever we visit and her teacher keeps me informed of her progress."