UPDATED LETTER TO OUR PARENTS 21.05.20: Read our latest letter on 'REOPENING THE SCHOOL IN JUNE' and 'FREE SCHOOL MEALS VOUCHERS over half term'. Crosshill School is now CLOSED until further notice. We are continuing to support key workers and our most vulnerable pupils.If you need to contact us please email info@crosshill.blackburn.sch.uk or alternatively leave a message on 07776662173 and someone will get back to you. Thank you.

Promoting Positive Mental Health

We promote positive emotional health and wellbeing, so that students are helped to understand and express their feelings, build their confidence and emotional resilience, and therefore their capacity to learn.

We will increase awareness and understanding, plus reduce stigma amongst children, staff, parents and carers of issues involving the emotional health and wellbeing of young people. We also provide support at an early stage to anyone who is or appears to be suffering from mental health issues.

We promote student’s positive emotional health and wellbeing and avoid stigma by:

  • Whole-school approach to promote positive emotional health and wellbeing within an ethos of high expectations and constant support.
  • Committed staff community that sets a whole school culture of positive emotional health and wellbeing, support and value.
  • Implementing a robust regime of continuing professional development (CPD) for staff.
  • A change team involving children, staff, governors and parents.
  • Work closely with children, staff, parents and carers.
  • Whole school promotion of building individual wellbeing skills, resilience, self-esteem and confidence.